Have questions about Ubuntu or any other linux-y/open source/free software type questions? Ask them here and if I can answer them, I will. If I can’t, I’ll point you towards someone who can.

I’ve started off with some basic questions you may have. If you have a different question, ask it in the comment box.

How much does it cost?

Do I have to know a lot about computers?
Nope, though if you want to you can learn a lot about them by playing with Ubuntu.

Is it easy to use?
Yup. Actually, that depends on what you want to do. If you want to do your basic pc type of things – Internet, email, dealing with music and pictures – it’s very easy. The more complex the tasks, the more complex the usage. Just like in anything.

So, Ubuntu is open source. What is that?
Open source means that software and its code (the language that was used to create the software and make it work) is available freely. People are expected to use these softwares and to make improvements on the code as they see fit. It is very much about community collaboration and sharing. Windows and Apple are not open source. They don’t want to share their code with others because they make money off of their software. If they shared it with others they would have to find another way to make money.
For a full definition of open source, click here.

Cool, but tell me, why should I choose Ubuntu over Windows or Mac?
Mac, simply put, is too expensive for what it is. It is like buying the luxury SUV when we know that the economy car is better for the environment. Mac doesn’t play nice in terms of open source. Apple is in the business of making money. point final. With a Mac, Apple is in control of your operating system. With Ubuntu, I am in control of my operating system.

As for Windows, there are many reasons. Really. The biggest one for me is that I have a safer, more robust system than ever possible with Windows. All within the spirit of the open source philosophy of community collaboration.

To see some more reasons, read this article by Sheehan, Some Reasons Why I Choose Ubuntu over Windows. It was written almost 3 years ago and guess what? It’s only improved since then. Really.