If you want to jump right in or if you just want to read about it, here are the places you need to visit.

Download the latest release – the latest stable release, not a development release. This means that everything has been fully tested and if by chance you do need some help it is fully supported by the developers.

Ubuntu latest release – you can also find download links for netbook and server versions if you are so inclined.

Install it on your computer – Now, just downloading it won’t be enough. You’ll need to create a boot disk from what you downloaded. If you are installing it to a netbook, which I did on my Dell mini9, you will need to create a bootable usb drive.
If all of that sounds even the littlest bit scary, it isn’t. One of the amazing things about Ubuntu is the support you get from the community. There are easy to follow how-to’s for just about everything!

How to create a boot disk.
How to create a bootable usb drive.

If you still think it is scary… there is a solution! You can order the cd, all ready to be popped into your computer and booted up. If money is an issue you can make a request for a free cd.

Whether you make it on your own or you ask for one to be sent to you, the install disk is live, meaning you can test Ubuntu before you install it on your computer if you want. Many people decide to dual boot, meaning that they have a version of Windows and a version of Ubuntu on their computers.

How to dual boot Ubuntu and Windows.

When I first installed Ubuntu I was so fed up with Windows that I just wiped my hard drive clean and installed it over top of everything without even trying it out. I was that frustrated.

And of course, throughout the process you can consult the forums for anything. The help I have received from the forums has been priceless. Really.

Ubuntu Forums

And you know what else? I can help you through the process. Just email me at tracy@tracyrosen.com.

Really, Ubuntu is not scary.