Don’t get too excited, Ubuntu’s main flavour still has unity… and I still have an aversion to it. So the other day I spent some time looking at ways to at least move the unity dock to another part of my screen. Also, I remembered that sometime early in Unity’s adoption there was a way to revert back to a regular gnome interface. I couldn’t find that old way I remembered but did find a step-by-step to remove Unity completely and add something called Mate.

Totally didn’t work. I borked my system. Ugh.

But even though it messed things up for the moment, I didn’t want to give up so I used Ubuntu’s Live CD to search around for more info on this Mate thing and found…wait for it, wait for it… Ubuntu-Mate which gives us back the beautiful simplicity of the Ubuntu desktop!


I cracked open a laptop I have to download the disk image, wrote it to a cd, and within 30 minutes had installed Ubuntu-Mate 14.04. Easy-peasy. Totally not scary, as expected with Ubuntu.

So, even when things do mess up – it is still relatively painless to put things right.

I am loving Ubuntu-Mate. At first I was not so crazy about the default olive green colour used in the interface but really, it is starting to grow on me. I am so happy to have my old Ubuntu back.