It’s not so bad. Didn’t think you’d hear me say that but it’s true. Not that it’s my ideal desktop, far from it. But it can be used.

At first I didn’t like how I don’t have immediate visual access to my system’s ‘tree’ – the structure that allows me to see where everything is via folders and sub-folders. But I quickly got used to the search feature. Right at the top of the Unity dock is a grey box, click it and you can search your system for anything. I especially like it because I can find those things I install too quickly and then ask myself where the heck I installed it to…


Yes, there is a but.

I still feel like there is a layer between me and my system. As if Unity is somehow laying there between us, hiding us from each other.

I’m going to test out ElementaryOS Jupiter – based on Ubuntu 10.10. It’s downloaded, just need the time to make my install disk and install. The only catch is I believe they are releasing a new version in April, which will be based on Ubuntu 12.04. Unity may just rear its ugly head.