Warning: uber geek alert. This is not your grandma’s user-friendly blog post…

This blog seems more of an anti-Unity blog than one that promotes Ubuntu but really, it is such a pain. With all of my going on about how Ubuntu is not scary, well, Unity makes it a bit scary. At least, if one tries to get rid of it.

I had started using Xubuntu because I just didn’t like how Unity made the Ubuntu I knew and loved so… different.

But I soon missed my good old Ubuntu, so I uninstalled the X and reinstated the latest version of plain old Ubuntu (11.10) but there was that nasty Unity! So I followed the directions found here…and borked it all up. DON’T follow these directions. Just DON’T. But here they are –> Remove Unity and use Gnome Classic by Default

At this point I can no longer boot Ubuntu, it gets stuck at the splash. And I can’t even alter anything in recovery mode as root because… no Internet before logging in, it seems! Urgh. Looks like I will have to do a fresh install. What a pain.

And I have decided to try Unity out for at least 1 full month. Yes! 1 full month. Things can’t always stay the same. Maybe it is time to embrace the change.