I’m finally getting around to reinstating my blogs after the account suspension fiasco. Lesson learned – be extra vigilant about blocking spammy comments, I believe this is how some malicious code wormed its way into one of my blogs resulting in the shutdown of ALL of my blogs.

Luckily my hosting company, HostPapa, sent me a copy of my cpanel (the previous backup I had made would not open!) and I’m slowly slogging through the MySQL databases to recover my posts. Good thing this blog is a newish one with relatively few posts, I was able to go through each of the tables and files in the database to ensure that nothing out of the ordinary was there so I could safely use it. With some of my other places it is proving to be more complicated.

So…what’s new? I am now using a desktop as my primary computer. It’s new to me, my father bought himself a new one and so I inherited his old one. It has a nice solid motherboard and he even gave me a 750 gig hard drive. We formatted it with Ubuntu 10.10 and I have now updated that to the 11.04 Beta.

You may be surprised that I like 11.04, given that it uses Unity and I have been pretty clear about how I feel about THAT. What a waste, BUT luckily you can switch between Gnome and Unity at the login screen. Even as a beta, everything has worked smoothly from the get-go. No problems setting anything up so far. I like that RythmBox is no longer the default music player, it used to always crash for me and wasn’t intuitive at all. I haven’t yet fully explored Banshee, though I’m not so thrilled with the amazon mp3 link that comes as a default on it’s homepage. In general, I’m not really a fan of music players that automatically scan your folders and such. I usually use something simpler like VLC but that is just my preference.

I’ll update the blog as I explore 11.04 further, maybe I’ll wait until the full release is out since things can definitely change between beta and full release. In the meantime, does anyone have any 11.04 opinions they’d like to share?