So, I’ve been threatening to host my own domains for a while, I dabbled in it in the past but always ended up going back to an outside host. This summer I plan to do so for real.

HarrumphI have a desktop that is doing NOTHING. Nothing but collecting dust and mocking me out of the corner of the room. Mocking me how? I imagine it scoffing at the smart phone, laptop, tablets I use. Harrumphing at this ‘new technology’. So grandpa, I’m going to put you to work. You will be the backbone, happy?

I found this post –> Ubuntu 12.04 for a basic home server that should help me through the process – he made a checklist for setting up an Ubuntu server! Awesome! And I plan on calling on my good friend Cyrille over yonder in Rouen, France. He has helped me out of Linux scrapes more often than I can count!

Now, if I am attempting to pull this off then you know for sure that Ubuntu is mos def not scary.