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Ubuntu is not always easy. There. I said it!


Warning: uber geek alert. This is not your grandma’s user-friendly blog post…

This blog seems more of an anti-Unity blog than one that promotes Ubuntu but really, it is such a pain. With all of my going on about how Ubuntu is not scary, well, Unity makes it a bit scary. At least, if one tries to get rid of it.

I had started using Xubuntu because I just didn’t like how Unity made the Ubuntu I knew and loved so… different.

But I soon missed my good old Ubuntu, so I uninstalled the X and reinstated the latest version of plain old Ubuntu (11.10) but there was that nasty Unity! So I followed the directions found here…and borked it all up. DON’T follow these directions. Just DON’T. But here they are –> Remove Unity and use Gnome Classic by Default

At this point I can no longer boot Ubuntu, it gets stuck at the splash. And I can’t even alter anything in recovery mode as root because… no Internet before logging in, it seems! Urgh. Looks like I will have to do a fresh install. What a pain.

And I have decided to try Unity out for at least 1 full month. Yes! 1 full month. Things can’t always stay the same. Maybe it is time to embrace the change.

Unity? Feh. Try Xubuntu for the Netbook

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So, as my last long time ago post stated, I wasn’t at all happy with Ubuntu’s 10.10 Netbook OS. Yucko to Unity, sorry. I’m now running Xubuntu on my Dell Mini 9, I think it’s been a few months now, and have to say I’m liking it.

What’s different about Xubuntu? The difference between regular Ubuntu and Xubuntu is that Ubuntu uses Gnome as its desktop environment and Xubuntu uses XFCE.

What is XFCE? It’s basically a lightweight desktop environment that is still very usable. This is why I chose to try it on the mini 9 – being lightweight is uses fewer system resources.

Another difference – a huge one, if you ask me – has to do with the use of Unity in the latest Netbook version of Ubuntu (version 10.10) (and rumour has it that Ubuntu may use Unity instead of Gnome for the desktop as well in its next version, scheduled to be released in April of 2011. If that is true, I may go to Xubuntu on my main computer as well.)

What’s wrong with Unity? I don’t like the interface. It is not intuitive. I find the side panel it uses for quick links is obtrusive and really don’t like that it can’t be made to disappear – it takes up a lot of valuable real estate on my mini 9! It’s slow and the interface does not make it easy to locate programs at all.

Hopefully Ubuntu will go the way of Fedora and openSUSE (two other linux operating systems) and drop major Unity development.

It seems to me that improving what you have rather than creating something new would make more sense for Ubuntu. As Jim Collins says in Good to Great – the companies or people who have moved from good to great are the ones who quietly focus on one thing and make that their priority. Unfortunately this shift in focus from Ubuntu’s main thing (Gnome) to Unity slides Ubuntu from great to not-so-good in my books.

In the meantime, Xubuntu is answering my needs on the Mini 9.